It’s not often that you see a man walking down the street with a 100-pound bulge in his pants. While it may not be a pretty sight, it’s reality for Wesley Warren, Jr., of Las Vegas. Warren has an infection that has caused his scrotum to swell up to an enormous size, and surgery could be catastrophic.

Dr. Oz has offered to pay for the surgery for Warren, but he has refused, in part, because the Dr. Oz show would then want exclusive rights to his story. He has also refused for fear of being castrated by the surgery, which could happen if doctors can’t stop the bleeding.

In the meantime, Warren has difficulty urinating, working, and even running errands. He has a Facebook page as a means to raise money for the surgery, but even if he raises the funds, it’s still a risk to go under the knife.

When I first heard about this story, I wondered why a man would refuse the offer to have the procedure done. While the risks are indeed great, the alternative, which is the way he’s living now, seems like it’s not pleasant. He has garnered some fame along with his condition, but living like this would be hell.