Oooohhh man, I can't believe I get to post this...hahahahaha!   Not only do I have video of The Helvetica Effect, I have photos of frontman Rob Perez in a bikini!  And strange enough, he's really hot!  From the neck down that is...

First thing first:  here is their cover song by Paula Abdul, 'Straight Up', that got the band a standing ovation.  I definitely would have been standing, it was EPIC!  Original music is the heart of a band's success, but cover songs can sure add a lot of fun, and this is one of them.

And for the cou de grâce, pictures of each band member with three surprising, hard to find, almost NSFW pictures of Rob wearing a bikini!  Sources say he worked the bikini contest circuit until finding his place in rock...but these accusations have neither been confirmed or denied.

Next Post: Part 2 of The Helvetica Effects Homebrew interview and their final showcase, 'Liars.'