On a mission to save the world one song at a time, The Helvetica Effect is initiating their rock campaign in three steps: 1) Write and produce great rock songs 2) Play insanely energetic concerts 3) Take no prisoners (and that includes bass guitars).  The band is made up of lead vocalist/guitarist Rob Perez, drummer Matt Cyrus and Bassist Will Mcloone.  This trio currently operates out of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, an area which has developed great support for 106.3 the Buzz and Homebrew.  It's amazing how many doors the internet opens up.  And while you're stalking them on their Facebook, make sure you 'like' them so you can keep up to date with their music and shows.

The band gave a great Homebrew interview last Sunday.  With stories on their rocky beginnings, smashing basses during shows and playing a Paula Abdul cover song, I would never believe any one who told me that their show was boring.  Listen to part one of their Homebrew interview and hear how they got together, their current status in music production and what dirrty deed caused them to work towards becoming a trio.

With influences ranging from Nine Inch Nails to Incubus, flat out their music is justly categorized as great rock.  Take all of their influences, over lap them and what you get is a venn diagram that is The Helvetica Effect. Check out their first song they showcased last Sunday, ' The Day I Tried To Save The World':

Next post: A video of the band performing Paula Abdul's 'Straight Up,' pictures of the members and Rob's bikini contest photo?!?!?