It's been eight years since we last saw a new System of a Down album so don't you think it's about time they got to making a new one? Yeah, me too. And our wishes may be coming soon in the near future. On Monday in Los Angeles at System's only North American concert for 2013, drummer John Dolmayan made a statement at the end of the 28-song set that plenty of people are going to be counting on, saying, "Next time we come back here, we'll have a new f***ing album!"

Well we'll see about that. Who knows when the next time System will play a show in LA? It could be months or years. They have only broken their self-imposed hiatus the last couple years to play some very lucrative European and North American tours. All of this follows a statement bassist Shavo Odadjian made a couple months ago blaming front man Serj Tankian as the reason the group hasn't recorded a new album.

"People really like the band and they want to see the band working, making albums and touring. The only thing I would ask of our fans is just be a little bit patient. We don't know exactly how many years it'll take. When we're ready, we'll get back into it," Dolmayan said.

I don't think Tankian is in any hurry to rush right back into System. He has already released five solo albums in recent years, including a jazz and a symphony album plus he is scheduled for a European solo symphony tour after System finishes their European tour. So things are going his way. Meanwhile Dolmayan and guitarist Daron Malakian have been playing with their on-again, off-again band Scars on Broadway while Odadjian has been collaborating on a project called Achozen.

All we can do now is keep our fingers crossed and hope for a new System of a Down album. And you can check out the band as they wrap up Monday's show with "Sugar," at the end of which Dolmayan made his announcement (2:30 mark).