Guys in Texas love their trucks. Sadly this kid lost his in a flood the other day and decided to show his truck some love on Twitter as it was being washed away.

We were not the only ones in Texas that got hit with an insane amount of rain this past week. Denton County got a lot of rain that caused massive flooding in some areas. This is out of Sanger, Texas where Lane Wisdom was driving his truck down Duck Creek Road. On this day, Duck Creek overflowed and caused a flood on the roadway.

Looking back, Wisdom says he should have turned around, but “my truck had already made it through a foot of water so I kept pushing.” Before Lane knew it, his 2001 Chevy Silverado was taking on water. Lane and his pal Gus quickly climbed out of the car. Went to the roof and called for help.

“Tweeting live from my roof go look on the news,” read Wisdom’s first dispatch, along with a colorful in-the-moment characterization. “It was like out of a movie it was a foot deep then a massive wave pushed me off the road and flooded it out.”

The first rescuers on the scene tried to carry life vests to the teens but found the currents too intense. A boat wouldn't be safe either. According to the National Weather Service, about 7 inches of rain have fallen near Sanger in the past week. Much of North Texas was under flash flood watches or warnings throughout the weekend. More torrential rain is forecast this week.

Lane in one word said the whole experience was 'scary' and will be doing his best to rebuild his truck. Wish him the best of luck. I lost my high school car to an oil leak which caused the engine to blow. I miss that car, every single day.