If you have ever had a sunburn, it sucks. Once you get one you always remember to wear that sunscreen. One parent wanted her daughter to have some sunscreen, but unfortunately she couldn't.

Elementary school field trips were always fun. You got to go someplace cool like the zoo and for parents I assume it is a little nerve-racking. Your kid will be going out somewhere new without you. You do what you can so they can be safe and have a good time.

Well a field trip in Texas I would say requires sunscreen. Six hours outside, yeah I would want some on. Especially if I knew my kid did not have the strongest skin. Well in a San Antonio school district you are not allowed to bring sunscreen with you. The North East Independent School District has a ban restricting students from bringing sunscreen to school or on field trips because it is considered a toxic substance.

Well the kid that got the sunburn I am sure will be OK, just very uncomfortable the next few days. I remember I passed out in a chair outside in Texas and I didn't have sunscreen on. The next couple of days I just wanted to rip my skin off.