If you think video games are a complete waste of time, check out what this kid can do whenever he misses his dad.

Some of us have a very emotional attachment to video games. I can remember when I was a kid taking turns playing Vectorman on the Sega Genesis with my dad. If I died it was his turn and he definitely was better and got to play longer than me. After that we upgraded and played hours of Super Mario 64 together. It was a great bonding experience just hanging out and playing some games with dad.

This story from YouTube is quickly going viral about a kid who commented on a video as to whether video games can be a spiritual experience. Here is his entire story seen below.

Well, when i was 4, my dad bought a trusty XBox. you know, the first, ruggedy, blocky one from 2001. we had tons and tons and tons of fun playing all kinds of games together - until he died, when i was just 6.

i couldnt touch that console for 10 years.

but once i did, i noticed something.

we used to play a racing game, Rally Sports Challenge. actually pretty awesome for the time it came.

and once i started meddling around... i found a GHOST.


you know, when a time race happens, that the fastest lap so far gets recorded as a ghost driver? yep, you guessed it - his ghost still rolls around the track today.

and so i played and played, and played, untill i was almost able to beat the ghost. until one day i got ahead of it, i surpassed it, and...

i stopped right in front of the finish line, just to ensure i wouldnt delete it.

I couldn't imagine losing my father at the age six, but this kid is able to still "hang out" with his dad whenever he wants. I know the games I used to play with my dad don't have a "ghost mode". That does not mean I will not remember the good times when I am playing them.

If you don't understand the concept of ghost mode, the video below will show you. You race against a see through car. The see through car is the person who had the best time for that course. This is NOT actual footage of the dad mentioned in the story, it is just the same game. You can get a good shot at the ghost car at the 33 second mark.

Check Out Rally Sport Challenge Ghost Mode Below: