It's kind of sad that you can make more money twerking now-a-days than teaching, although I'd rather watch this girl twerk than be more edumacated.

22-year-old Jessica Vanessa of Orlando, Florida was previously employed as a pre-k teacher, which is a job to be admired. She shows up to work and gets to help shape the next great mind of a new generation. What could be better than that?

I'll tell you what's better than that. A six second Vine video of Ms. Vanessa shaking her ass. And it pays better too.

Vanessa started making twerking videos for Vine a couple months ago and has now officially quit teaching in order to dedicate more time to twerking.

She says that "What I make in six seconds would take me like four months to make as a pre-K teacher."

She already has 2 million follows on the video sharing website and over 673 million views. That comes out to about a six figure income, thanks to advertisers wanting her to use their products in her videos plus various appearances at who knows where (strip clubs).

I wonder who's going to teach our children now? And just imagine how boring classes will be now that all the young, hot teachers are leaving for a more lucrative profession.