So this little firecracker of a Hunnie, Amber Cox, is full of energy and LOVES rock!  In fact, it's in her family as her lucky hubby, Brian, plays guitar for Jac Damsel.  I also had the pleasure of hanging out with Amber's two cute kiddos, daughter Peyton and Son Bailey (Who apparently likes pickles by the way. Or so he told me).

This Gorgeous Hunnie's favorite band? "A mixture of Korn and Rage Against the Machine."

Favorite car from the photo shoot: 56 Red & White Chevrolet Bel Air

Current Tattoos: "I have 6 tattoos. Shorty on my chest, the Infiinity symbol on my neck, a lion on my arm, and some other tattoos that will be kept secret:)"

Future Tattoos: "One more big one on my side of sparrows with ribbons that has both of my children's names written on them."

Something interesting we’d be surprised to hear: "I'm Betty Crocker reincarnated at home.  I love to cook and bake!



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Amber's clothes are from Body Central.

Amber's hair was done by Zack Temelcoff of Du Nouveau and her make-up was done by Kim at Serendipity.

The Car:  1956 Chevrolet Bel Air owned by Wally Santellana.

Location:  The Cozy Cottage at Coyote Ranch Resort.