Zombies Overtake Columbus, Screaming Ensues
This video is basically just a bunch of people reacting predictably to a zombie man chasing them, but there are a few treasure moments in this prank on the people of Columbus; namely a woman who threatens to use self-defense on one zombie, and a guy who's bike will not go no matter how fast he …
Call Of Duty: Black Ops “Rezurrection”.
The new D.L.C. "Rezurrection" for Call Of Duty: Black Ops is finally out for Xbox with PS3 & PC to follow. Unlike the previous map packs this one's all zombies. It includes 4 classic maps that have been touched up & reworked including:
1.) Nacht...
The Coming Zombie Apocalypse – What You Need To Survive
Here in Wichita Falls we've come to expect the unexpected. Over the years we've had everything from giant tornadoes to 110 degrees plus heat for days at a time to 12 inch snowfalls on Christmas Eve to weeks of rain and the ensuing floods, but zombies? The CDC seems to think it's a pos…
The Truth About Zombies [VIDEO]
I'm pretty excited about this book. Much like "World War Z" and the "Zombie Survival Guide" the "Zombie Autopsies" treats Zombies with a bit more of a scientific tact. Read more after the jump.