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Viral Video Alert: How Animals Eat Their Food
We have a new Viral Video Alert and this ones pretty good. We have all seen animals eat, unless your blind, and we know that animals lack hands and fingers so they are forced to get a little messy with their meals from time to time. Well these guys decided to take to YouTube to demonstrate how diffe…
Hallway Swimming: Your New Viral Video
Are you ready for the next big viral video? I hope so because it's already here! Check out this video of a kid "swimming" in the hallways. The video was uploaded on April 2, and already has more than 2 million views. I'm pretty sure that qualifies it as a viral video...
What is the Harlem Shake?
Well there's a new internet sensation out there sweeping the nation. So what is it this time? No planking isn't making a comeback and it seems the Gangnam Style craze is dying down , this time it's a little dance called the Harlem Shake...
Hood Slide Goes Hilariously Wrong
The hood slide was popularized by good ol’ boys Bo and Luke on the TV series ‘Dukes of Hazzard.’ The move has been repeated millions of times since, but usually without the Duke’s well-practiced accuracy.

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