12 Amazing Minutes of “Arkham City” [VIDEO]
October 18th is not getting here fast enough.  "Arkham Asylum" was such a pleasant surprise when it was released, and is now in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful superhero video game ever.  And the more I see, the more I start to think this game mi…
The 9 Funniest Videos of People Getting Hit By Golf Balls
The Masters Golf Tournament tees off this Thursday, at its fabled Augusta National Golf Club home.
While Masters weekend is like Super Bowl Sunday for serious golf fans, there are still plenty of folks out there who harbor the perhaps misguided belief that golf is "boring."
So to kick of our…
Stone Sour Is Talking To YOU! [VIDEO]
Corey Taylor and the Band drop us a line in preparation for the Avalanche Tour coming to Wichita Falls April 13th.  Beware, the video contains some foul language and may not be suitable for work...or your little sister.
Skier Loses Footing, Falls Off Huge Cliff [VIDEO]
Check out this amazing video of an extreme skier falling off of, what looks like, an enormous cliff.  The Video is captured by his own helmet cam that he was wearing.  I love to ski, but this type of skiing seems a little ridiculous if you ask me...
Heads Blow Up!
Fan of cinematic cranial explosions? The guys at have put together a montage of some of the best. Enjoy.  (video after the jump)

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