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Rockshow Threesome 4.15.11 [AUDIO]
Wow, I didn't realize we were this funny. What's that, I'm listening to Cheech and Chong? Hmmmm, oh well, here's three bits from the Rock Show. Go to the next page now.
The End Of The World
Have you seen the Billboards proclaiming that Judgement day is just around the corner? I have some thoughts on this subject after the jump.
Rockshow Threesome 4.8.11 [AUDIO]
Have you ever been picking your nose and something drops down and falls between the letters on your keyboard? No? Me neither. Click through for some audio from this mornings show.
Babes Eating Bananas [VIDEO]
Yes, I have even more Babes Eating Bananas with plans to record even more. Enjoy the latest installment after the jump.
Workaholics Tonight [AUDIO]
Workaholics begins a ten episode run tonight after South Park. The Rock Show had the stars of the show on this morning. Enjoy after the jump.

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