Flyleaf Releases New Song Ft. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.
Flyleaf is getting ready to hit the road again, this time co-headlining a tour with P.O.D. Before they begin, they have a special treat for their fans. They will unleash a new EP of live songs, titled Who We Are, featuring their new vocalist Kristen May...
P.O.D., ‘Lost in Forever’ – Song Review
A decade ago, P.O.D. ruled radio, doling out hit after hit from 2001′s massive album, ‘Satellite.’ The band’s seamless blend of smart rock and rap was wrapped in melody. We’re glad to report the band still has those irresistible melodic chops on ‘Lost in Forever,’ their latest single which will appe…
Rock School #1 [VIDEOS]
Welcome to "Rock School", proof that if you hang around long enough, you just might learn something. Here's some trivia for you: what was the first popular song to talk about school shootings? Read more and check out the videos after the break.