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Lou Reed Dead at 71: Rockers React
As we reported earlier today, legendary Velvet Underground frontman and solo artist Lou Reed has died at the age of 71. The veteran rocker had undergone a liver transplant in May, but no cause of death has been officially announced.
Lou Reed Recovering After Liver Transplant Surgery
Lou Reed underwent liver transplant surgery last month in Cleveland, his wife, Laurie Anderson, has revealed. It was apparently a life-saving operation, and it might explain why the legendary Velvet Underground frontman cancelled his planned appearance at Coachella earlier this year.
Holy Crap! Metallica And Lou Reed Sucks SO BAD! [VIDEO]
Metallica and Lou Reed keep releasing teasers and trailers for the “Lulu” thing they did. And no matter how much they release nothing has kept it from sucking. If we were in space it would be a black hole of suck. On a porn set this stuff would be the fluffer it sucks so …