The Truth About Zombies [VIDEO]
I'm pretty excited about this book. Much like "World War Z" and the "Zombie Survival Guide" the "Zombie Autopsies" treats Zombies with a bit more of a scientific tact. Read more after the jump.
My Soul To Take
There's actually a couple of horror films hitting dvd this Tuesday, but I'm just not interested in "Paranormal Activity 2". On the other hand, anything with a "Wes Craven" stamp is good by me. Check out this trailer. Then check out the PA2 trailer aft…
Hatchet 2
Hatchet 2 promises "gore galore" for horror fans. The movie just hit d.v.d. this week and is ready to slash across your t.v. screen. The movie (and it's predecessor) are billed as "Old School American Horror". Read more and check out the trailer after the …