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Alternate Ending To ‘Breaking Bad’ Series Finale
Let's be honest, this would have rivaled M*A*S*H as the greatest series finale of all time.
In what many consider to be a perfect television show, the series finale of Breaking Bad ended on a high note, widely thought to be a fitting end to the series...
Breaking Bad Playset May Be the Coolest Thing Ever
If your a fan of Breaking Bad your going to love this. You can now re-enact your favorite television drama using little toy bricks that closely resemble the brand LEGO, but remember, this play set is in no way associated with the popular toy maker...
Breaking Bad – The Middle School Musical
The big day, August 11 is only six days away. Oh, you don't know what August 11 is? It's the premier of the final episodes of Breaking Bad! So take a minute and catch up on all you missed with the Middle School Musical version.