bill hicks

Remembering Bill Hicks [VIDEO]
I met Bill Hicks early in his career. It was before Bill was totally on fire and shaking up the world.  I had seen him a time or two before and for some reason no one I knew could make it to the show. I distinctly remember sitting front and center at Fat Dawgs in Lubbock, Texas.  At the time no one …
“American: The Bill Hicks Story” on Blu Ray June 7
I think Bill Hicks is one of the greatest comedians of all time.  He gave his audience the unrelenting truth in a time when finding the humor in the Bush administration and Desert Storm was taboo.  It is a shame that he never found the following in the states that he found in the United Kingdom, it …
Rock School #3 Tool Time [VIDEOS]
Tool, who often come off as serious and humorless, had what legendary Texas Comedian open shows for them during their 1993 Lollapalooza appearances?