It's been cold the last couple days, really cold, and not just here in Texas. The entire nation is dealing with what is being called a polar vortex. Basically it means that really cold air from the Arctic is being pushed down all over North America resulting in record setting temperatures.

And just to prove how cold it really is, some guys at a t-shirt company in Dubuque, Iowa decided to put a wet t-shirt outside just to see how long it would take to freeze.

Now according to the info on the video's Youtube page, the temperature was at -20 F with a wind chill of -50 F! So how long do you think it took for the wet t-shirt to freeze? Probably not as long as you think.

Due to the freezing weather it only took one minute (according to Youtube) for the shirt to completely freeze. I do have some doubts about the video, mainly because you can never trust the internet. But I also realize that the weather is remarkably cold right now so maybe the t-shirt did freeze in only a minute.