I’m always amazed by women who can work the pole, and work it well. It’s a true talent, and it takes a lot of hard work and muscle control to do what some of these women do. Because it’s not easy, pole classes have cropped up across the country, giving “regular” women the opportunity to learn pole dancing and shape up in the process.

I could watch great pole dancers all day.

If you see this video and decide that you, too, want to try it out, be warned that taping your activity on a pole that you set up at home could be disastrous. I’d wait until you’re really good before putting up a camera and going to town.

The woman in this video is an Australian who goes by the name of Felix Cane, and she won the 2006 Miss Pole Dance Australia. While uptight people may frown upon such a title, I’d like to stand up and cheer for her. Most of us couldn’t even get to the top of the pole, much less do what she’s doing.