Party too hard last night and have the mother of all hangovers. I always follow the policy that food cures hangovers.


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    Taco Casa

    Spicy Bean Burritos with a Sweet Tea

    The delicious house of tacos, which is hands down my favorite fast food restaurant in Wichita Falls. My roommate taught me this one my sophomore year of college when I would get super wasted after the Cowboys would lose a game. He told me four spicy bean burritos(yeah, you do have to get the spicy) with a large sweet tea and it will cure your hangover. It has every time. Also throw some Fritos in the middle of that for some extra flavor.

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    To-go Hunan Tso Chicken with Fried Rice

    This is another one from my old roommate the Grey Bush. Remember the to-go menu here is far superior to the buffet. This is a ridiculous amount of food even for me. If you believe alcohol helps cure your hangover, go grab your favorite 40 oz. beer with this meal.


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    Breakfast Taquitos

    You got to be up before 11 for this one. I recommend getting three taquitos. Back in the day I would get bacon, potato and chorizo. For some reason Whataburger took chorizo off their menu. WHY?! Wash this one down with a large Dr. Pepper.


  • 4

    Parkway Grill

    Large Fish Tacos with Curly Fries

    So much delicious food on this menu. I eat at this restaurant at least once a week. It was hard to narrow it down to one hangover food, but I got to go with the large fish tacos. Yes, you do have to get the large, go big or go home. Get a big Parkway red draw to quench that thirst. So you get your daily dose of vegetables, while getting a buzz.

  • 5

    P2 The Deuce

    Steak on Garlic with Chips and Salsa

    The essential Wichita Falls meal in my opinion. Whenever someone comes to visit me, I always make sure I go somewhere that has a steak on garlic. I think P2 has one of the best. Get a side of the chips and salsa to help with your hunger. I think it is the best salsa in this town. Get the best Texas beer to wash it down, Zigenbock. Also, please more restaurants in Wichita Falls get Zigenbock on draft.