I'm ready to stuff my gut or burn my mouth off for your enjoyment. Let me know what I should do. 

Up here at the Buzz we want to start a new video series. A Man vs. Food Wichita Falls type series. I'm ready to go to town on some food or the spiciest of foods in our area. So if you know a restaurant in town that has a food challenge, let us know in the comments section below.

Some we have planned already are the Blazin Wing Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings. Heff's Burgers has a triples patty burger and three sides challenge. Willie's Place has a lot of spicy foods, it appears as if the Psycho burger is the spiciest. Back Porch has the Riley of Fire Burger.

These are just a few we know of. PLEASE shoot us a comment, email, message for food challenges in our area that we need to try. If you own a restaurant, make a challenge for me and I'll attempt it. As long as I have stuff to eat, we will keep the challenges going.

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