If you’re a woman, Canadian, and looking to get a break on your college tuition, Leopard’s Lounge in Ontario may be your golden ticket. The strip club is offering to pay for college tuition if you take it all off in their club.

Specifically, girls can get up to $1,700 for colleges in the area, though it’s not specified if that is per semester or per school year.

The reason for the tuition offer is due to a law that was recently enacted in Canada that won’t allow foreign women to work as dancers. As a result, Leopard’s Lounge has had a harder time getting women to work for them.

The club is very supportive of their dancers, encouraging them to continue their education. Robert Katzman, the owner of the club, says:

The girls can take any class they want to help better themselves. We have girls studying business, finance, to become nursing assistants and one taking chiropractory.

Furthermore, student strippers are expected to keep a B-plus average in their classes.

I’ve personally known a woman who paid her way through college by stripping, and she made pretty good money doing it. It’s not something that every woman could or should do, but if your employer is willing to pay for schooling, it’s a great offer.