Stone Sour has been on a role the past year or two. A double album release, touring across the globe and Corey Taylor, well, you know he's always got something going on. But before the band settles down to take a little break from the nonstop action, they were nice enough to release the official music video for their latest singe "Tired." The single is from the band's 2012 album House Of Gold And Bones, Part 1 and more than likely will be the final single released from either of the House Of Gold And Bones albums.

Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor said after touring behind both albums for the last couple years that its time for a break, stating "We're taking some time off, some well-deserved time off. We're essentially taking the rest of the year off. You know, we might do some one-offs here and there in the next year, but right now we're just kind of taking a breather, because I need it, to be honest man. I'm pretty shot, and I'm just gonna enjoy being at home and having some downtime."

And while Stone Sour may be on break there is no way Corey Taylor will be slowing down. He has on upcoming show with Slipknot on October 19th in Brazil, after which they will begin working on their highly anticipated fifth studio album which is due out sometime next year.