A while back, news broke that Steven Seagal drove a tank through a man’s house in order to get an arrest for his reality TV show. Now the lawsuit has been filed, and the homeowner is describing Seagal’s actions as overkill.

Jesus Llovera was suspected of raising roosters for cockfighting, so when the sheriff’s department caught wind of it, they went in to arrest him. As it happened, Seagal was taping his show and for some reason which seems to be unclear, he used a tank to smash through the man’s house to gain entry for the arrest.  Llovera suspects it was all for show, and I agree that he’s probably right.

In addition to destroying part of Llovera’s property, his 11-month-old puppy was also shot during the arrest.

Overkill? Indeed.

The episode in question never aired, and now Seagal will be seeing Llovera again – in court.