I know some people need to have every single Star Wars toy to complete their collection, but I could never see spending this kind of money on an action figure.

Star Wars is a cult phenomenon with probably over a billion different toys over the years. I had a few growing up when they re-released the original trilogy. Well someone just spent $12,900 on one action figure from 'The Empire Strikes Back.' Now I would hope it would be some awesome character like Boba Fett or Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

Unfortunately no, nothing that cool. The action figure purchased was of the FX-7 medical droid. If you are asking what the hell is that? Don't worry I was to. It is the droid when Luke is in the medical bay when he comes back from almost freezing to death on Hoth. Granted you never really get a good luck at it, but someone was willing to spend $12,900.

Check Out the FX-7 Medical Droid Below: