I will take out the hugest loan in the bank, go into debt forever, just for a chance to be in the background of this movie.

If you don't like Star Wars, what is wrong with you? I will always sit down and watch "Empire Strikes Back" anytime it is on TV. I remember being a kid in the theater with my dad when they re-released "A New Hope". That scene where Jabba the Hut is talking to Han Solo, which was not in the original, is still one of my favorite moments in a movie theater. I remember an audible gasp and everyone was freaking out at what was going on.

Then we had the prequel movies, which are bad. "The Phantom Menace" brought us everyone's character that we all hate Jar Jar Binks. How George Lucas somehow made a character I hate more than the Ewoks still baffles me to this day. "The Clone Wars" was average. I did however enjoy "Revenge of the Sith" because we see Anakin Skywalker finally go fully over to the dark side.

I seriously did not think they would come out with another trilogy of movies. Well J.J. Abrams is at the helm and in my opinion has done a great job with the latest "Star Trek" movies. Well he came out with a really cool promotion. Donate money to UNICEF for a chance to be in the upcoming Star Wars films. Hell yeah sign me up, donating money to a good cause and a chance to be in Star Wars. Talk about killing two birds with one stone in the ultimate nerd way.

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