As Saturday rolled on in Pryor, the sun going down, you could almost feel the crowd getting antsy to here the nights headliner... Boy did they deliver!

As the lights came down, the slow hum of guitar harmonics came up... The kick of the bass drum started a rhythmic beat... And 80,000 of our closest friends started screaming.

The lights lit up the entire complex as the band started into their set and didn't stop until each and every person was satisfied.

Aaron Lewis sounded strong and well rested on stage, delivering what turned out to be a benchmark performance for us all.

At one point mid-set, Lewis engaged the crowd, bantering with some of the front row fans. Playing down his own branded low-key entertainment style, he was sure to throw a pot-shot at the unrealistically hyper Dee Snyder. As uncomfortable of a moment as it was, it passed into "Mudshovel" and we all went on.

Just as the performance was nearing the time limit, you could almost hear the collective panties dropping as Staind hopped into "It's Been A While"... Staind was definitely a good choice to close out the main stage Saturday.