As an avid beer drinker, if one of the stadiums I regularly attend in Dallas did this, they may have ripped me off of thousands of dollars worth of beer.

I fall for it every time, for only this much more money we are going to hook you up with some more beer. My dumb a** is always like more beer is a good thing, give them more money. Turns out that at a certain minor league hockey arena in Boise Idaho has been ripping off fans.

A fan went and bought a regular size beer, along with the large beer that is an extra three dollars. He finished one and decided to pour the other beer into the now empty cup. Turns out they are the exact same size, OK a little bit of a difference. I don't even think the difference is a shot glass size worth of beer though.

Now if the first part of the video is too dark for you don't worry. They decided to take the cups home with them to compare it with some green water. The results are the same, they got ripped off.

See How Idaho Hockey Fans Are Getting Ripped Off Below: