Sick of your current barber? I know I was and I decided to try out a new place. Sport Clips blew me away with the service and atmosphere.

Now first off I hate getting my haircut. Last time I got my haircut was in July and trust me it was getting ridiculously long this past week. My roommate and the secretary here at the station would make fun of me on a daily basis for my terrible hair. Well I decided this weekend that I would finally get my haircut. Well I hated the place I was getting my haircut at and my roommate told me to go check out Sport Clips on Lawrence road.

Now if anyone really knows me, I hate trying new things. So I was reluctant, but I had an amazing time. Now the whole concept of Sport Clips is a place you can go to watch sports and get your haircut. This past weekend the Texas and Oklahoma game was on so I got to watch that. The place is decked head to toe in Fatheads from your favorite sports teams. Any place that hangs up a Dallas Stars Fathead will get my business, by the way we need more Stars fans in Wichita Falls.

Now since it was my first time in Sport Clips I got the deluxe MVP treatment. Which is a haircut, relaxing massaging shampoo, hot towel and a massage. Also while you are receiving your shampoo the chair you are sitting in massages as well. Very relaxing and I will definitely be going back.

Now I will be honest it is a little pricey the minimum haircut price for men is seventeen dollars. If your a new customer you get that MVP package for that price though. They do have discounts for kids, military, police and firefighters. I know I will not be getting my haircut at any other place in town.