I am a huge sports fan and I found this article on 11 reasons why the Dallas Cowboys should pick up Johnny Manziel. It obviously caught my attention so I decided to read it, big mistake on my part.

David Whitley is a writer for the Fox Sports website, now I had never read anything from this guy before. I know for a fact I am a terrible writer, but I cannot believe this is the kind of sports logic Fox Sports is looking for. Lets break down his eleven reasons for the Cowboys taking Manziel.

1. Romo is 33 – Make that 34 at the start of next season’s training camp. He’ll be coming off herniated disc surgery. Ask Peyton Manning how that can go. The Cowboys have been winging it with backups. It’s time to start grooming a real replacement, since nobody really expects Romo to last out the five years left on his contract.

Ask Peyton Manning how that can go? Well its working out pretty good for him considering he is having one of the best years of his career. Now am I expecting Romo to come back and play like Manning? Of course not, but I am not comparing the two.

2. Manziel is legit – He began the season projected as a mid-to-late first-round pick, largely due to his slight build and the fact he barely tops six feet. He’s now projected to be among the 10, and probably the top five selections. He not just a crazy scrambler who can throw. He displayed the skill to be a pocket passer if that’s what’s called for.

OK valid point, you have my attention sir. Maybe, Manziel is the future of the Dallas Cowboys. Your next argument, please.

3. Or maybe he’s not legit – Manziel’s pro potential will soon displace Obamacare, Duck Dynasty and even Tim Tebow as America’s most debated topic. Drafting him would assure Dallas of dominating sports talk radio and Jones of having at least 30 cameras and microphones in his face after every practice. That may mean more to Jerry than going 16-0.

WHAT! Are you kidding me? You can't just change your mind on the next point. I could make an argument for anything if I can just switch sides like that. Let's argue the Texas Rangers being contenders this year. The Texas rangers will dominate the AL west this year. Next point or maybe they could finish in last place. I understand his point of not knowing the potential of a draft pick, but you just can't do that. I will skip ahead to another one that made me mad this morning.

8. No. 2 - It’s been worn by only three Cowboys - Sam Paulescu (punter 2008), Anthony Wright (QB 2000-01) and Lin Elliott, last spotted missing three field goals in a 1993 playoff loss. The number desperately needs respect on the all-time roster, and Manziel’s just the guy to deliver it.

So because Manziel wore the number 2 in college the Cowboys should draft him? Seriously? You can't be this stupid. No one in the history of professional sports has been drafted because of their number. Oh the number-two jersey is taken? Guess we can't draft him. Sorry awesome superstar player, that number you had in college someone already has on our team so we can't draft you.

The rest of the article makes some somewhat valid points for picking up Manziel, but I couldn't take this guy seriously.

If you want to check out the full article see it on the Fox Sports website.