Grunge greats Soundgarden take a turn in 'Crank It or Yank It' with their new one, 'Rowing'.

After reuniting in 2010, Soundgarden's reunion was made complete when the band released King Animal in 2012. I have zero problem with a band getting back together to hit the road and play their greatest hits but the true measuring stick as to whether a band's still got it or not is when the creative juices get to flowing. And it was apparent to me upon first listen to King Animal that the grunge legends do, in fact, still have it.

The final track from the new disc, 'Rowing' is a slow roller with an infectious bass line that builds and then comes right back back down just about the time you expect things to really kick in. That's what I love about Soundgarden - expect the unexpected. Weird is what they do and weird is what I love about the band.

Check out the latest from one of Seattle's finest and give us your thoughts on the song.