Soundgarden has released the official video for the song “By Crooked Steps.” It’s the second single from their album King Animal, and was directed by Dave Grohl. In the video, we see the group as a biker gang of sorts, but with a twist. In addition to the music and the story that’s being told with the video, you’ll see a cameo by Deadmau5.

Originally the band wasn’t planning on doing “By Crooked Steps” as a video, but decided to once Grohl approached them about it. Kim Thayil said:

We were not intending to do a single with 'By Crooked Steps,' but because of Dave's eagerness to direct a video for it, we shuffled things and thought, you know, this could be fun. And the actual shooting of the video followed pretty closely his treatment, which is also a rare thing to have occur.

The response to this video on YouTube has been mixed, with a lot of the criticism coming from the Segways the group is riding. What do you think? Is it funny or stupid?