The 2012 solar eclipse is an annual event where the moon crosses over the sun creating what many (or at least the internet) are calling a “ring of fire.” This spectacular event was somewhat difficult to see in here in North Texas due to some cloud cover, but we managed to snap a few photos before the sun set. The totality (Ring of Fire) of the eclipse was not possible to see in Texoma because the sun had set before the moon was centered over the sun.

Thankfully, for some reason that we just can’t quite figure out yet, the online community is obsessed with natural phenomena and documented mostly every moment through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Other than Super Moon 2012, Sunday’s solar eclipse was probably the most documented work of Mother Nature in 2012. Well, so far, at least.

Check out photos from right here in Wichita Falls and some from around the world as well.  Also included is some breathtaking time-lapse video footage of the “Ring of Fire” eclipse 2012.

Wichita Falls, Texas








New Mexico







Gorgeous time-lapse footage