So I can own a town, a bar and a house for $400,000? Sign me up, oh wait, I have to live in South Dakota never mind.

Ever wanted to rig an election and be mayor of a town? Well you can in Swett, South Dakota. Mainly because you will be the only person in the town. Plus you can also be the town drunk because it comes with a bar as well.Lance Benson is the sole owner of Swett, an unincorporated hamlet in Bennett County about two hours southeast of Rapid City.

Benson, who owns a traveling-concessions business, put the town on the market last week. Benson tells the Rapid City Journal the town used to have a population of 40 people decades ago, as well as a post office, a few houses and a grocery store. Now, the town is just a bar, workshop, three trailers and a house. He and his wife still live there.