If you’re a Slipknot fan, you need to mark July 24th on your calendar. That’s when their greatest hits album, titled Antennas to Hell, hits stores. The band hasn’t said much about what will be on the album, but it’s expected to be a dynamic mix of music.

In preparation for the album, teasers have been released in the past few weeks. Each video features a different member of the band, with the latest one being Shawn “Clown” Crahan, aka #6. It’s assumed that this is the last of the teaser videos since the band has come out with one following every member at this point, but you know what happens when we assume.

Crahan’s video comes around the same time that he’s leaving to do a signing tour for his book, Apocalyptic Nightmare Journey. It’s a book composed of Polaroid photos he’s taken over the years and compiled together, and is being put out by MTV books.

Once again, as I’m watching the teaser video, I’m reminded that Slipknot really beats the hell out of their equipment. I can’t help but wonder how many drum sets they go through while on tour…