Slipknot has been releasing videos for their upcoming greatest hits album called Antennas To Hell, which drops July 17th. This is the fourth such video to come out in the past week, and each clip features a different band member.

This time the teaser focuses on Chris Fehn, known as #3, a percussionist in the band. He’s a lot of fun to watch because he’s rocking the hell out of that music, and I have to give kudos to the person who puts his set together. Anyone who can bounce that much on their instrument and not break it is doing a good job.

Slipknot is expected to head into the studio in the late part of the year or early next year. Corey Taylor wrote on his Facebook page this week, “To anyone asking, Slipknot is not currently working on an album. Yet. We are putting together demos, but we're not recording. Yet.”

Here’s a look at #3: