Slash is a busy guy, yet he still finds the time to do what really matters, working with the kids. He recently stopped by the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to rock out with the students and we have the video. The school, founded by Chuck Brennan, provides music education for Boys & Girls Club kids with a focus on rock & roll instruments and is the first free music school for Boys & Girls Club members. Brennen says that he met Slash for the first time at Rockfest in Cadott, Wisconsin and that “Slash was so impressed that he immediately wanted to get involved and show his support to the academy and the kids. Slash will be the first celebrity rock star to watch the kids perform and see their concert.”

Slash didn't just watch the kids play though, he joined them on stage and helped them out with their performance of the classic “Knocking On Heaven’s Door.” After the show Slash hung out with the kids sharing advice and offering words of encouragement. He even took some time to post that he “Had a killer time jamming w/some young musicians at Chuck Brennan's Rock n Roll Academy. Great institution for a great cause.”