Slash has been everywhere, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Though he’s played all over the world, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and made a name for himself, there’s still one place he wants to play that he hasn’t yet – Sesame Street.

Slash was recently talking with an Australian magazine when he made the confession. He said:

‘Sesame Street’ have never approached me, though I would do it and I love kids. There’s no way I’d ever turn ‘Sesame Street’ down, but I don’t know if parents would think I’m the best public influence on little kids.

The show has had appearances by Johnny Cash, The Backstreet Boys, Tyra Banks, Prince, and Gene Simmons among their considerable list of celebrities. If Gene Simmons can appear on the show, I think Slash would fit right in. Obviously some kids wouldn’t know who he is, but they’d probably love the hair. Additionally, Slash has two young sons of his own, and they would probably love to see their dad on the show.

Since he wants to do the show, I think his manager should start hitting the phones and see what can be done about getting Slash on Sesame Street.

Do you think he would fit in on the show?