We have probably all seen the billboard, free 72 oz. steak in Amarillo. Everyone thinks they can do it, but this lady proves it's not hard.

I used to enjoy watching the show "Man Versus Food" because I would always think I could finish the food he didn't. Living in Texas everyone knows about the 72 oz. steak that you get for free if you finish it. You also have to eat a shrimp cocktail, salad, baked potato and a roll.

The host of "Man Versus Food" finished this challenge, but this lady dominated the 72 oz. steak. She finished this bad boy in three minutes. If this skinny woman could do it surely I can, right?

Well Molly Schulyer ate the 72 oz. steak at Saylers Old Country Kitchen in Portland Oregon. Now if only we could get her to try the steak in Amarillo. As we all know the steaks are better in Texas.

Watch Molly Eat the Steak Below: