Sick Puppies are hard at work on their fourth studio album, titled Connect, and as the band will tell you, it's not easy. They just released a behind the scenes video that discusses the making of their latest album, available July 16, and the difficulties that came with the task. In the video, frontman Shim Moore talks about working with producers Tim James and Antonina Armato and how heated it can get in the studio. "We just get on each other and luckily for us at the end of every day we're totally fine . . . There were more bruises and bloody noses by the end of the record, but it came from the right place and the record reflects that," Moore said.

Check out the behind the scenes video below and be sure to check out the group's first single off the new album, "There's No Going Back." And if your wanting to check out their live show, they will be at the Diamond Ballroom in Oklahoma City July 18.