What's going on?

Watch Free Beer & Hot Wings Get Attacked By Masked Men
Right in the middle of the show this morning, out of nowhere, a coworker of ours busted into the studio with his friend, dressed in tactical gear, and started shooting us with Nerf guns. Understandably, it led to some awkwardness.
Watch Joe And Justin Investigate The Office Toilet Disaster
A few weeks ago, the old bathrooms in our building were decommissioned and replaced with temporary bathrooms down the hall. However, even though the plumbing has been disconnected, some monster in this office is still using the old toilets.
Insensitive Sports Radio Host Mocks Roy Halladay's Death
Less than 24 hours after the fateful plane crash, Michael Felger went into an awful, 10-minute long rant saying Halladay deserved to die, calling him a 'jacka--' and is complete with insensitive 'splat' sound effects.