Knighthood is nothing like it was back in medieval times, but in Britain it's still a very prestigious honor, and one person has made it their goal to see the Prince of Darkness knighted.

45-year-old Helen Maidiotis has set out to get Ozzy Osbourne knighted, and so far it's looking like a real possibility. She currently has around 4,300 of the 5,000 signatures she needs for her petition to be considered.

Making her campaign even more legit is the fact that Ozzy's daughter has already endorsed the petition, tweeting her support not too long ago.

Maidiotis had originally planned to try and have the entire original lineup of Black Sabbath knighted but decided to focus on just Ozzy when she was informed that getting the entire band knighted would be near impossible.

According to Maidiotis, "Our campaign has reached Buckingham Palace, as a friend of mine had sent off letters explaining about our battle for Ozzy’s knighthood - and they have replied positively."

Knighthood use to be reserved for those who had proven themselves thru years of training and bravery in combat, although over the years it has become more of an honor than an actual position with anyone who has made a major contribution to Great Britain being considered.

You can check out the petition and the campaigns Facebook page right here. And let us know what you think below!