Hurricane Sandy is threatening wide-spread damage along the east coast, which means news crews are on the scene, roughing out the weather and reporting on what they're seeing on the street. NBC Washington had a news crew out this morning, and during the report, they noticed a shirtless man dressed in a horse mask running down the street.

Because it's such an odd sight, the reporter immediately took notice of the jogger. At one point you can see the man raise his arms in the air as a victory sign when he noticed the camera was in fact on him. The reporter went on to say it was cold outside, which added to the strangeness of a shirtless man running down the street.

As the hurricane has moved inland, has downgraded the storm to a “post-tropical” storm and it's now being referred to as Superstorm Sandy. We're sure to hear more odd stories about people acting foolish, but at least dressing in a horse mask is all in good fun.