Women are amazing creatures. Women who can pole dance, and do it well, are a rarity. I've seen my fair share of pole dancing fails, with the pole falling over or the woman (or man, for that matter) falling to the floor, but when pole dancing is done well, it's an art form. Two women doing a pole dance together, that's just fantastic.

Contests have been devoted to the craft. Conventions take place with women showcasing their moves and twisting their bodies in such a way that you wonder if nature meant for people to bend like that. I find myself mesmerized and I could spend hours on YouTube watching women perfecting their dance and fearlessly climbing that pole.

I'd even go so far as to say that pole dancing could be an Olympic sport. Have you seen how much control you need to do many of these moves? Sure, any of us could walk around a pole, but to truly master the pole, it takes skill, dedication, and a body of steel.

While quietly stalking videos to find a great pole dance, I came across this one. It involves two women moving fluidly through their song, sometimes apart, sometimes intertwined. I think it's beautiful, and worth some recognition.

What's your take on pole dancing?