What year is it? 1386? Did someone really try to get this law passed in 2016? 

I cannot believe two people actually came forward trying to change the German law, saying that sex with animals was illegal. I think we can all agree, sex with animals, should be illegal everywhere. Two people, who remained unnamed (for good reason), said the law was unconstitutional.

I am so glad the people were paying attention on this day, because sex with animals remains illegal in Germany. The court ruled that the effect of the ban on the complainants' right to sexual self-determination was justified.

The court said that protecting animal welfare by seeking to prevent them being the victim of sexual assaults was a legitimate aim of the law - which remains unchanged after the court's decision.

Sex with animals in Germany results in a fine of $27,700, in our money. I still can't believe someone tried to get his passed. 2016 is the year, we can finally make this legal. No, no you can't. Nice try though.