Do you think solo artist and System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian is a busy man? Apparently you don't know the half of it. Ignore the fact that what he should be doing, in my opinion, is working on a new System album. Instead the artist has been working on a symphony album titled Orca, available June 25, a jazz album called Jazz-Iz-Christ, available July 23 and now his latest project, paintings that sing. Sound crazy? Wait till you see the video.

No offense to Serj, the man is obviously full of ideas that are both original and amazing and there is no doubt that once he sets his mind on something he gives it his all, but painting? I don't care if you want to paint but at least leave it in the closet and stick to the music for now. Besides, painters don't make money until after they die.

I like the part were he has put speakers on the paintings so that each one represents and plays a certain song, which is cool, and maybe I just don't understand modern art, but it looks like a monkey got into the paint on a couple of them. And on one he just ran over it with his car until he felt the paint looked right! Not my idea of art but whatever floats your boat. I do like the second painting that you can see below, though.

Check out the video and couple of his masterpieces below.