Let's see what you think about Seether's new single, 'Weak'.

'Weak' is one of two new songs on Seether's (don't call it a greatest hits) compilation album Seether 2002-2013 which arrived back on 10/29. Also included in the double-disc compilation is a cover of the band's namesake, Veruca Salt's 'Seether' as well as a comprehensive collection of radio singles and fan favorites.

Speaking to Fuse, drummer John Humphrey had this to say about 'Weak':

This new track fell into place for us rather quickly. When Shaun [Morgan, singer] sent me the demo for 'Weak,' everything was pretty much there musically. I think we ran through it a couple of times in rehearsal and captured the song on the second take. I'm very pleased with the final result.

Listen to the power ballad and let us know if, like Humphrey, you're pleased with the final result.