It’s not a new fact that Chicken McNuggets are made with processed chicken, but what you see in this video may change the way you look at the food forever. The “pink slime” photos that surfaced a while back have nothing on this video, when Mike Adams takes them apart and looks at them under a microscope.

Adams starts on the surface of the nugget, he discovered fibers and weird colors which may be food coloring. He then opened up the nugget to look inside, finding “strange blue objects with fibers,” “dark looking splotches,” and “unexplained fibers that appear to resemble hairs.”

Sometimes ignorance is bliss when it comes to the foods we eat, and there’s a good chance that you’d find things like this in much of the food you eat. Seeing it magnified, however, is a different story. Perhaps the next time you’re looking to pick up a pack of chicken McNuggets, request extra sauce. What you see can’t hurt you, right?