A lady won huge on the Price is Right yesterday.

Today was Cassidy Schiltz's lucky day. We've all seen 'Price Is Right' contestants go nuts when winning prizes big and small, but almost no one has had quite as much reason to lose it on the long-running game show as the Casssidy from Sherman Oaks, California, who is now the second-biggest 'Price Is Right' winner of all time.

Cassidy started started off by winning $100,000 in cash playing the pricing game 1/2 Off. After she opened the box labeled "5"  her reaction was what "Price Is Right" dreams are made of. She and spokesmodels tossed fistfuls of bills into the air before Schiltz broke down in a mix of tears and laughter, falling to the floor.

Her luck didn't end there.

At the big wheel, she got a dollar in two spins, winning her an additional $1,000 and inspiring her to bear-hug the other contestant.

There's still more.

During the Showcase Showdown, Schiltz nailed her bid, guessing $37,000. Even Carey looked incredulous when he read the value of the showcase, which included a BMW: $37,374.

Her grand total: $140,236 in cash and prizes. While Schiltz proved to be surprisingly adept at pricing items, it was her reactions that were truly priceless.

I hope that one day I am on the Price is Right, but I honestly just want to play Plinko.

Check Out Cassidy's Huge Win Below: